Our CMS and eCommerce Platform

Our premium site management platform LavishCMS has the power of a bespoke site with the simplicity of a small CMS. We have built in all the features that you would expect to find in any CMS which makes LavishCMS a pleasure to use on a day to day basis.

eCommerce is also a big part of Lavish, in the form of Lavish Shopping which adds the ability to sell products, services and digital goods with ease. Out of the box it has support for many of the big payment gateways and all of the basic tools you would expect from an online shopping platform.

Check out an overview of some key features of LavishCMS and Lavish Shopping:

  • Page management and rich content editing
  • Responsive site themes can be easily applied
  • User controls with the ability to create members only areas
  • Traffic reporting and usage statistics
  • Site SEO and Meta Tag editor
  • Update with two clicks of your mouse

Visit our LavishCMS product website