Our Bespoke MVC Micro Framework

Our open source offering back to the development community, TwistPHP is a completely bespoke PHP MVC framework developed by the Shadow Team. The code has been written from scratch evolving over the past couple of years to its current state.

Our latest release Version 3 of the framework features many great tools and is very expandable. We have now taken the MVC approach and have made the switch to using namespaces which means that all the models and controllers are auto loaded. In this release we have paid special attention to optimising load times and memory usage.

Check out a overview of some key features of TwistPHP:

  • MVC Base framework with full Autoload capabilities
  • User management, authentication and frontend login templates
  • Powerful templating system to handle all Framework and APP views
  • Unique and consistent code throughout with a simple to read naming convention
  • A range of packages produced by Shadow Technologies and Third Parties
  • Well documented with helpful getting started guides

Visit our TwistPHP product website